What you need to know for Split System Installation in Melbourne

A split system air conditioner is one of the most common types of air conditioners available on the market. It is an extremely versatile system, as it can be used both for cooling and for heating. They can be simple enough to just be used for a small room, or multiple units can be installed to control the comfort of an entire house.

If you are considering purchasing a split system air conditioner, then there are plenty of options on the market, and they can be either self installed or installed by a professional. It is generally recommended to hire a professional to install your air conditioner, but if you have some plumbing and electrical experience, then a self serve install should be achievable.

But if you do go down the professional route there are plenty of options for split system installation in Melbourne. One such professional option is Surrey Air Heating and Cooling, who have over sixty years of industry experience.

If, however, you are considering of going down the route of installing a split system yourself, then there is plenty of information you will need to consider. Firstly is how the the split system will be mounted. Obviously this will be partly determined by how you would like the room to be set up from a functional standpoint. The other primary factor that will determine where a split system can go will be the amount of space in the room.

So, taking these factors into account, these are the different options for mounting your split system air conditioner. First is the wall mount option, which is the most commonly used and will see the system placed on the wall, close to the ceiling. If space is limited or the room has a concrete ceiling, then a bulkhead may also be necessary for a wall mounted unit.

If there is little to no wall space, then the split system may have to be installed in what is known as a ceiling cassette. This is mounted to the ceiling, allowing room for the air conditioner itself. A console unit has a higher air flow and is typically used for commercial buildings. It can be mounted on the floor or on the ceiling.

If there is absolutely no option to install the split system air conditioner on the ceiling then a floor mounted option is available. These are very compact units and do not take up much room at all.

Whichever option you choose for a split system installation in Melbourne, you have plenty to choose from to stay comfortable.