Working in accounting firms is more interesting than you

Working in accounting firms is more interesting than you’d think. I was really against working at top accounting firm at first. I always loved maths but it was just not what I ever pictured myself doing. As a young person, I imagined myself doing something more traditionally exciting and adventurous. But once I entered university it became clear that accounting was definitely for me. But still, despite loving the subject as much as I did, I was still reluctant to enter the world of accounting. In fact, I expected myself to be bored to death. I thought I would want a career change after two weeks. But I was completely wrong!

The main task of an accountant working for an accounting firm is to examine financial records. Every day, I make sure that records are extremely accurate and that everyone’s taxes are paid promptly at the proper time. This is a challenge in itself, as I have to deal with all sorts of people. I help these people run their financial lives more efficiently. This can really help those who are not confident with financial matters. I love this aspect of my job as it means I get to help people.

At the accounting firm I am also tasked with examining statements and making sure they are accurate. As someone who loves organisation and order, I really enjoy it. I also have to deal with laws and regulations, making sure everyone is abiding by them. The other thing I do, which I do not particularly enjoy, is preparing tax returns and chasing up those who aren’t paying on time. That can be very tricky as you never know the type of person you are dealing with. Some people really do not like being bothered abut money.

I also improve business efficiency where money is specifically concerned. Furthermore, I suggest ways to reduce costs and enhance revenues and profits. I like his, particularly when I am working with small businesses. It is here that I feel like I am truly making a difference in someone’s life.

If you are skilled in economics and enjoy business and people, I highly recommend working for an accounting firm. It may sound boring and tedious, but it is truly rewarding work. Each day is fun for me. I get to deal with numbers, help people and keep finances running smoothly. It is a fantastic career!